Udemy provides on-demand learning with access to thousands of continually updated online courses. You will find courses on communication, health, nutrition, food science, business, technology, and leadership right at your fingertips. As a Tufts University and Friedman School student, you have access to these courses at no cost! 

Some of the features of Udemy include: 

  • Access to over 210,000 online video courses with new additions published every month 
  • Stream course videos, listen to audio lectures, and view course materials  
  • Discover and search for relevant content  
  • Optimize learning with the ability to take quizzes or practice exams on your phone  
  • Download and watch lessons offline 
  • Set your own pace and choose different speed options  
  • Interact with instructors through our Q&A feature 
  • Mini Player: multi-task while learning 
  • Background Player: listen to course lectures in the background 

How to Access:

To access and set-up your account, click the button below. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password, or use the Tufts SSO log-in option. 

Log into Udemy with Your Tufts UTLN and Password