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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

This career direction is geared toward those who want to build sustainable, healthful, and accessible food systems domestically and around the world. Environmental, social, and economic justice are often at the core of their work with food production, marketing, and distribution.

Food & Nutrition Policy

Those who follow this career direction share interests in building policies that support health and nutrition, whether through creating and evaluating preventative health programs, supporting efforts that increase food security and access, analyzing the economic impacts of nutrition policies, or contributing to policy research and advocacy.

Nutrition Interventions & Communication

This career direction caters to those who seek to address the most pressing public health and nutrition challenges facing our communities and people around the globe, whether through direct patient care, public health outreach and education, or translating science for public consumption.

International Development, Food Security & Humanitarian Response

This career direction is a good fit for those who are interested in leading international development and humanitarian efforts, including aid policy and strategy, program implementation and aid delivery, and research, assessment, and program evaluation.

Business Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Those who follow this career direction share a commitment to the creative mentality that comes with growing or contributing to new businesses and ideas. In addition to start-ups and innovation hubs, they can be found in consulting, consumer products, schools, restaurants, innovation hubs,  company sustainability efforts, DE&I, and more.

Biological & Clinical Research

This career direction targets those whose interests lie with the scientific underpinnings of nutrition, including how science and policy interact to form evidence-backed interventions. Work in this area runs the gamut, from academia and government to nonprofits and research institutes.

Epidemiology & Data Sciences

This career direction is designed for those who enjoy working with the design, implementation, and analysis of epidemiologic studies and using population-based data to address nutrition challenges. They take on research and teaching positions in academia, government, and private industry.

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