Internship Spotlight: Divina Chandiramani

Here is Divina Chandiramani, second year NICBC student, giving us a “taste” of her internship this past summer at Balchem Corporation:

This summer, I interned at Balchem Corporation, a global leader in specialty ingredients. On the Nutrition Science team, I replicated data from magnesium randomized control trials, ensuring accuracy and creating presentations. I wrote product claims and collaborated on a Choline & DHA Assessment Tool to educate physicians. Additionally, I crafted evidence-based blog posts on topics like magnesium, iron, zinc, and other vitamins.

Internship Landing:

I secured the internship through networking and searching on LinkedIn. Upon discovering the position online, I observed that the team manager was a Friedman alumni. I reached out to him, seeking insights into his career experience and subsequently inquired about the details of the position and what qualities they were looking for in a candidate.

Enjoyment and Challenges:

I enjoyed Balchem’s dynamic environment and contributing to various innovative projects with the Nutrition Science team. However, adapting to online work and navigating specialized research presented challenges, demanded adaptability, and had a steep learning curve.

Required Skills:

Essential soft skills for this role are effective communication, adaptability, and a strong willingness to learn. The hard skills required include proficiency in data analysis and a strong understanding of nutrition science, especially vitamins and minerals.

Internship Search Advice:

Networking, especially with Friedman alumni, is key. They are eager to help. If you find a position or a company you like, reach out. Inquire about existing positions or explore the possibility of creating one that aligns with your skills and interests.

By Hannah Symons
Hannah Symons Administrative Coordinator