Internship Spotlight: Kimberly Joyce

Kimberly Joyce, Eat Well Global

In just a few sentences, please tell us about your summer internship. How does it connect to your personal and professional interests? 

This summer, I interned at Eat Well Global, a communications agency that focuses on empowering change agents in the food and nutrition space. As a former journalist, I had never worked in the corporate communications space and wanted to explore communications outside of media. Through this internship, I got to experience what it’s like working for multiple clients from a range of backgrounds and working in very different spaces within the food industry. I worked on and presented deliverables to clients, provided support with writing for social media and promotions for a variety of audiences, and helped with a nutrition analysis of product lines, among many other projects.

How did you land your internship? 

I found my internship on the BCC job board, but first heard about the company through my advisor.

What did you enjoy about your internship? What did you find challenging?

I learned so much through my internship, having never worked in an agency setting before. I loved working on a number of different projects with clients who all have unique needs. I got to use skills I already had like writing while expanding and gaining new skills through projects far outside of my prior experience. Learning these new skills was my biggest challenge, especially while working on projects with tight deadlines and real-world clients. This is where the support of my coworkers was so helpful and appreciated.

What are the necessary soft and hard skills needed for this position?

As a fully remote company, time management and communication are the two biggest skills. Being able to manage my time and not being afraid to ask questions and communicate when I needed help were so important in this internship. Knowledge in finding reliable research and the ability to keep up with current nutrition news and trends were valuable skills as well.

If you could offer one piece of internship search advice to your peers, what would it be? 

My biggest advice would be to look outside of your comfort zone and network. You never know what jobs are out there and who you’ll meet that could lead to the next opportunity.

By Alex Kaplan
Alex Kaplan Student Ambassador