Nestlé Health Science and Tufts University create competition to support entrepreneurs focused on healthy aging, longevity

Nestlé Health Science and the Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute at Tufts University’s Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science have jointly launched a competition aimed at entrepreneurs and startups focused on the healthy aging and longevity space. Winners of the new accelerator program/competition, called the Nestlé Health Science Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge, will receive mentorship, strategy, and technical support for up to six months from experts at both Nestlé Health Science and Tufts University. They’ll also receive a one-year virtual residency to the Friedman School’s Food and Nutrition Innovation Council.

The Nestlé Health Science Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge focuses specifically on cognitive, gut, and metabolic health. Its purpose is to support “the startup and entrepreneur community to help drive new solutions for improved longevity.”

“Through this competition, we are excited to support a pipeline of new ventures that could have a positive impact on global health,” said Katie Stebbins, executive director of the Food and Nutrition Innovation Institute at the Friedman School, in a press release.

Rania Abou Samra, global head of technology and product development at Nestlé Health Science, added, “Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge was established to support rapid exploration of new, innovative ideas on healthy aging and improved longevity and bring them to market faster than the traditional innovation process. Collaborating with startups is one way that we can drive faster adoption of great new ideas and increase our impact for the benefit of consumers and patients.”

Entries are due on September 1, 2023. For more information on entering, visit:

By Hannah Symons
Hannah Symons Administrative Coordinator