Job Searching for International Students, Part 2

Have you read Job Searching for International Students, Part 1? If not, check it out here.

It’s no surprise — Applying to jobs can be stressful! According to some sites, it can take between 21-80 applications to secure a job offer. Perseverance is a natural part of the job application process, and rejection letters do not equal failure. We have all been there!

By starting early when it comes to reflecting on career goals and values, creating strong application materials, and researching options, you can be better prepared for success. While the following timeline is geared for international students, it can also apply to U.S. students.

Internship & Full-time Job Search Timeline

The process varies by academic program, career field, organization size, and other factors. Here is a sample timeline for a two-year master’s program. Let’s say you want to find a summer internship after the first academic year and secure a job after graduation. Here’s some general guidance based on this author’s experience. (Everyone’s time frame will look slightly different!)

Here is the complete listing of things you can do with links to relevant resources:

Fall Semester



  • Reach out to alumni and employers through LinkedIn (get networking strategies and resources here!)
  • Go to different Friedman lecture series/conferences to look for connections and job opportunities
  • Start your job application process with a reasonable goal (e.g., applying for 2-3 jobs per week)


~Take a break~

Spring Semester





Pursuing your academic and career journey in another country takes courage! You should feel proud of all your efforts and accomplishments thus far.

We know that job hunting can be tough, but we are here to equip you with everything you’ll need for your future career development. Best of luck with your research and applications!

By Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou
Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou Student Ambassador