As a policy-driven dual-degree graduate, I am passionate about the intersection between food regulation and public health. I graduated from Tufts Friedman with an MS in Agriculture, Food and Environment and an MPH. I’m currently a Research Assistant for the Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity where I work on a variety of projects related to childhood obesity prevention and cost-effectiveness analysis. Specifically, I identify, collect, summarize, and enter data for cost-effectiveness modeling for different interventions and run the models for the Childhood Obesity Intervention Cost-Effectiveness Study (CHOICES) project. My passion and prior experience with sugar-sweetened beverage excise taxes has contributed to my team’s work and my SAS skills are utilized for a variety of projects. From writing research briefs and reports to implementing small-scale nutrition interventions, I’ve grown my skills in policy, statistical, and cost-effective analysis, mixed-methods research, stakeholder engagement, and project management. My joy with my experience, so far, has been working collaboratively with individuals and partners to create food system projects that make an impact.

Besides my career, I love to dance, I‘m crazy about cats (I have three of my own), I’m obsessed with organizing, and vegetable gardening is my latest favorite spring/summer hobby. If I am not at a local coffee shop reading or playing with my cats, then I am most likely outside enjoying nature, gardening, or dancing.

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