My education and research background is primarily in biochemistry and nutrition, with an additional specialization in health communication. I am currently a consultant at World Hunger Education Services (a non-profit organization focused on hunger, aid, and food security) where I manage digital content. I am also a writer for WellTheory, where I write nutrition and health articles directed at patients with autoimmune disorders. Previously, I was a curriculum developer at Tufts School of Medicine (Center for Science Education), where I designed, wrote, and taught online graduate courses in nutrition and metabolic disease. During my time at Friedman, I was a TA for several classes, involved in research at the HNRCA with Dr. Lichtenstien, program coordinator for the DINE! program, coordinator for the digital health communication program, and taught biostatistics at Northeastern University.

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Work Experience
  • Writer; Consultant
  • WellTheory; World Hunger Education Services
Biological and Clinical Research, International Development, Food Security & Humanitarian Response, Nutrition Interventions & Communication
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