After Friedman, I completed my PhD in Agronomy at Penn State University. My PhD research focused on spatial diversification of agroecosystems to mitigate abiotic stress resulting from climate change. Specifically, I worked on drought and heat stress. To do this, I investigated the use of polycultures for silage, genetic mixtures of winter wheat, and genetic mixtures of drought tolerant and non-drought tolerant maize. I also investigated the use of management practices that may reduce drought stress due to competition (or lack of) for resources in both oilseed sunflower and maize. I now work for the Swiss federal government as a post doctoral researcher at Agroscope. Broadly, I am tasked with using machine learning and drone/satellite imagery to make recommendations that increase the yield and quality of winter wheat while reducing the environmental impact. My work for the Swiss government has incorporated both data taken on research farms and data taken directly from producer sites.

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