Tufts Chapter of the American Statistical Association

Student Organizations

Tufts-ASA serves as an intermediate step for statistics and programming. Students can practice working with data outside of the classroom. Previous events include research talks and workshops.

  • Whether you are a novice or veteran in statistics and data sciences, the Tufts University Student Chapter of the ASA welcomes you! As graduate students, we seek to gain professional development as data scientists and statisticians by refining our knowledge of statistical application and skills in statistical programming. This focus ensures that students can enter the working world competent in solving complex data-related problems, think critically about data sciences, and effectively communicate across inter-generational, trans-disciplinary research teams.
  • Through a combination of faculty-sponsored project-based learning opportunities and regular workshops on topics related to data science, data analytics, and statistics, we work to promote statistical learning, practice, and research across all campuses. As a student member, you will work with other graduate students to build students’ statistical literacy so that you have the tools to contribute to academia, industry, government, and other research fields.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Lori Rodriguez, Associate Director of Career Services at the Friedman School.