Susannah Krenn

Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor

Susannah Krenn

I support the Career Center’s behind-the-scenes efforts to connect students with the resources and information they need to succeed in their career journeys. I enjoy leveraging my career advising background when working to strengthen our website and virtual resources, as well as our email and print communications. In addition, I’m excited to serve as an advisor for students exploring Government/Law/International Affairs and Arts/Communications/Media career paths, helping them to research options that energize and interest them. Prior to Tufts, I received my Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Boston College, and before that, I worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Indiana, providing adult education programs for homeless individuals. Beyond Tufts, I love to read, spend time outdoors, and write letters — fancier if you call it “correspondence.”

Most interesting/unusual job: Oh, where to begin? My mom is an anatomy professor, so I’ve transported cadavers in her lab, ordered crickets and chemicals from biological supply catalogs, and performed various dissections. Beyond that, high school years spent working at Dairy Queen mean that I can tell you anything you need to know about making blizzards or ice cream cakes. I also worked at the only all-metal whistle factory in the U.S. (they provide gold-plated whistles for Super Bowl refs).

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