Featured Employer: Mathematica

Welcome to our Featured Employer series where we feature different companies/organizations in the food, nutrition, and public health field! At the end of last month, the Block Career Center hosted an Employer Information Session with Mathematica.

What does Mathematica do?

Mathematica is a research and data analytics consultancy. They use data, analytics, and new technology to tackle the challenges our world faces in healthcare, education, the food system, and employment. They provide evidence-based solutions to their wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors.

There are five business units within Mathematica:

– Focus on quality and efficiency in healthcare
– Research about delivery, affordability, and equity of healthcare
– Past project examples: COVID-19, Medicare, opioids, mental health and substance use

Human Services
– Work on developing and improving policies and programs
– Past project examples: early childhood, education, employment, and family support

Nutrition and other
– Uncover evidence to help improve food and nutrition support for individuals, families, and communities
– Past project example: how do family dynamics determine diet within a household?

– Find priorities, make progress, provide strategy and evidence-base suggestions about international issues
– Past project examples: education and workforce development, food and agriculture, health and nutrition, water and sanitization

– Supports departments within Mathematica, such as Human Resources

What is Mathematica’s company mission?

Their 2035 vision: “Mathematica is shaping an equitable and just world where evidence drives decisions for global impact.”

They plan to achieve this goal with the following principles driving their everyday: staff driven, integrity, rigor & objectivity, collegiality & respect, collaboration, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What roles are they looking for?

After learning more about Mathematica, you may wonder: Is this organization a good fit for me? When sorting through job opportunities, use this helpful job title information in your search:

  • Associate = typically very early career, appropriate for Bachelor’s degree
  • Analyst = early career, appropriate for Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree + some work experience
  • Researcher or Managing Consultant = robust work experience, appropriate for PhD degree or Master’s degree + significant work experience

Below are some recent job titles posted by Mathematica that may be particularly interesting to Friedman students and alumni. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of the talent that Mathematica seeks!

  • Nutrition Research Associate for Child Care Nutrition Study
    • Strong communicator
    • Experience with nutrient analysis software
    • Flexible, kind, and patient
    • Bachelor’s degree or prior experience with food service or nutrition studies
  • SNAP Researcher and Deputy Area Director
    • Analyze patterns of food insecurity and SNAP participation
    • Create and update microsimulation models
    • Create proposals
    • Strong data skills
    • PhD degree
  • Human Services Researcher – SNAP Employment and Training and Workforce Development Programs
    • Use human-centered design, behavioral economics, and rapid cycle evaluation principles to guide people
    • Develop memoranda, executive summaries, case study summaries, and toolkits
    • Create proposals
    • Master’s degree + five years or more of experience

Friedman students and alumni: Register for our next Employer Information Session with Ocean Spray here.


By Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou
Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou Student Ambassador