Featured Employer: Indigo Ag

Welcome to our Featured Employer series where we feature different companies/organizations in the food, nutrition, and public health field!

What does Indigo do?

Indigo developed an integrated business platform for different stakeholders in the agriculture industry to promote the sustainability and profitability of agriculture. Currently, there are three platforms: Carbon, Biotrinsic, and Market+. Carbon encourages farmers to adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices. In turn, farmers receive carbon credits. Farmers can profit off of various food corporations purchasing these carbon credits in order to reach their own organization’s sustainability goals. Biotrinsic utilizes plant microbiome to improve health condition, pest resistance, and other features such as the drought resistance of plants. When farmers integrate these plants, their production yield is maintained or increased, while the environmental impact of conventional crops is reduced. Market+ is a streamlined transaction platform for farmers and agribusinesses. The platform is convenient and provides access to potential revenue opportunities.

What is their company mission?

Indigo’s four main principles are:

“Helping farmers enhance their profitability and soil health”
“Improving the quantity, quality, and traceability of the food available to consumers”
“Protecting the environment by reducing and removing harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, while incentivizing sustainable land stewardship practices”
“Creating low-term value for shareholders”

What roles are they looking for?

After learning more about Indigo, you may wonder… What type of people do they hire? Here are some past job titles that Indigo has posted that may be particularly interesting to Friedman students. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of the talent that Indigo seeks!

  • Staff Scientist, Sustainability Science
    • Soil carbon and GHG emissions modeling
    • Link field measurements and remote sensing data
    • Contribute business recommendations
    • PhD in ecosystem/soil/agricultural sci
    • 7+ years of experience
  • Marketing Director, Research and Insights
    • Deliver insight that supports brand development
    • Develop research and insights plan
    • Expert at quantitative and qualitative research
    • Transform data into strategy decisions
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Scientist, Sustainability Science and Modeling
    • Support life cycle assessment (LCA)
    • Develop specification for engineers around LCA
    • Strong inter-department communication skill
    • Have working knowledge of the models such as GREET, Cal-GREET, FD-CIC
    • Experience with project management software, Python, SQL

Information about these roles has been sourced from past postings/emails/LinkedIn.


By Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou
Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou Student Ambassador