Researching Organizations? Check Out the Food Law & Policy Career Guide

This guide’s goal is to present anyone interested in an internship or a job in food law and policy with a sampling of the diverse array of choices, from research and advocacy to policymaking positions within the food system. Whether one desires to work for government, a nonprofit, or in academia, those interested in improving the food system will find many opportunities to apply their skills to topics as far-reaching as nutrition and global health, intellectual property, trade, environmental justice, and human rights.

This career guide covers:

  • universities that have developed specialty programs ranging from agricultural law to nutrition and food science
  • nonprofits that foster food policy change at the local, state, national, and international levels
  • government agencies established to protect the health and nutritional quality of our food supply
  • international organizations that advocate for farmers’ rights worldwide
  • foundations that fund individuals taking a stand against hunger
  • law firms that have mastered the business of food and agriculture and the intricacies of regulatory compliance

While some pieces are geared toward lawyers, this guide is a great resource for anyone researching organizations in the field.

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By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor