Internship Spotlight: Julia Hesse-Fong, Science Communication Intern at Airfield Estate

Julia Hesse-Fong is a second year AFE student. She worked as a science communication intern at Airfield Estate at Dublin, Ireland in the Summer of 2022. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Urban Studies from University of Chicago.

1. In just a few sentences, please tell us about your summer internship. How does it connect to your personal and professional interests? 

I worked as a science communication intern at Airfield Estate. It is a working farm in Dublin, Ireland that uses regenerative farming practices. I am currently working on three projects. A common thread of these projects is translating science in the food sustainability world to the general public. We are exploring ways to communicate science in an engaging way. I am particularly interested in regenerative farming practices and sustainable behavior change for both individuals and groups. In the future, I see myself working in a marketing role in the food industry or a regenerative practices related organization.

2. How did you land your internship? (e.g., networking, found on the Block Career Center or another website, etc.)

I learned about this position through the Block Career Center. The CEO of Airfield Estate is a Friedman alumna.  At that time, she was looking for a Friedman student to work as an intern.

3. What do you enjoy about your internship? What do you find challenging?

I love connecting with people at work and hearing different stories. The most painful part was the two hour commute every day…

4. What are the necessary soft and hard skills needed for your position? 

Important soft skills are interpersonal and communication skills. For hard skills, I think data visualization and writing skills are essential.

5. If you could offer one piece of internship search advice to fellow students, what would that be? 

There are two pieces in my one piece of advice:

  1. Tailor your resume and cover letter
  2. But also don’t be scared to just submit your resume and cover letter at the last minute.
By Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou
Fangruo (Ingrid) Zhou Student Ambassador